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Information for ITT Providers

Why partner with us?

Last year (2017-18) over 90 trainees completed our original Teach:RE SKE course. Of these 23% completed at our pass standard, 47% completed at merit standard and 30% completed at distinction standard. A merit standard is equivalent to a student completing undergraduate level work.

99% of trainees who complete our course say their subject knowledge has been enhanced by a fair to large amount (Teach:RE Evaluation: March 2017)

Over 45% of trainees cited increased confidence as a significant impact of the course on their teaching of RE. (Teach:RE Evaluation: March 2017)

Trainees cited understanding of diversity of belief, knowledge of support available from the RE community, passion for the subject and awareness of expected standards when teaching RE as important things they learned as part of the course. (TeachRE Evaluation: March 2017)

Partnership Options

There are three main partnership options which we are happy to discuss with you:

Full Package: We will provide the entire SKE programme. You pay us to deliver the course for your prospective students. Your student(s) will undertake our course and be tutored by a member of our experienced team. You will be kept up to date on their progress and be notified when they have completed the course successfully. We currently estimate the cost of this package to be £1450 per trainee.

Package with partnership tutoring: We will provide the SKE programme for you with oversight of each prospective student, but where the majority of tutoring is undertaken by you as the ITT provider. Please contact us to discuss this bespoke option as the costs will depend on the needs of each provider.

Package without partnership tutoring: We will provide the course materials and resources including free NATRE membership, but you would provide your own tutors to manage and run the entire course. We would negotiate payment for this option depending on how many students you wished to put through the course.

Please contact Dr Kathryn Wright to discuss any of the above packages:

Information for ITT Providers from the DfE https://www.gov.uk/guidance/subject-knowledge-enhancement-an-introduction

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