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Information for ITT Providers

Why partner with us?

In its first year (2018-19), 53 students completed our DfE-funded 200-hour SKE course. Almost half of our 200-hour students achieved a Merit (49%), while 28% achieved a Distinction and 23% achieved a Pass grade. A Merit is equivalent to work at undergraduate level.

Each student is supported throughout by a professional tutor. It is this personalised coaching model which helps to keep our students on track, as well as a diverse and engaging course.

On completion students complete a written assessment of the course as well as share their reflections in a tutorial with the course director. These assessments and tutorials show us how important the tutors are in guiding, supporting and developing students. All students report they would recommend this course to others. Most importantly, all students report their subject knowledge has been enhanced as a result of the course.

Students report very different reasons for their enjoyment of the course, as the comments below suggest. This shows the breadth of the modules on offer, allowing students to consider different dimensions of religion and worldviews.

‘I found Module A to be really memorable. Looking at RE as a subject and how it can be approached and taught was fascinating and something I found myself having surprisingly strong views on. I found this really useful and an engaging way to start the course off.’

‘For me the most interesting part of the course was the journal. The constant contemplation of Religious Studies and viewing its application in everyday life is something that I have always enjoyed doing anyway; but keeping up to date with the most recent ideas that I have had on certain news stories or applying my ideas to what can and perhaps cannot be talked about in the classroom is something I will most definitely carry forward.’

‘Module E was the most interesting part of the course because it allowed you to become involved and engage with religious communities. It allowed you to question what ‘lived’ religion was and be able to see the diversity within religions for example how things were done differently in two Mandirs’

‘The module D interview because it allowed for an opportunity to learn about the realities of practicing faith as opposed to what is ‘textbook’.’

‘The chance to direct my study through well thought out questions which both directed my study and gave space for me to pursue aspects of particular interest to me’

Extracts from self- assessment answers, Teach RE SKE, 2018-19

Partnership Options

There are three main partnership options which we are happy to discuss with you:

Full Commissioned Package: We will provide the entire SKE programme. You pay us to deliver the course for your prospective students. Your student(s) will undertake our course and be tutored by a member of our experienced team. You will be kept up to date on their progress and be notified when they have completed the course successfully. We currently charge £1450 per trainee for this package.

Dual Provider Option: Please contact Deborah Elwine at deborah@cstg.org.uk to discuss this further.

Package with Partnership Tutoring: : We will provide the SKE programme for you with oversight of each prospective student, but where the majority of tutoring is undertaken by you as the ITT provider. The current cost for this option is £680 per trainee.

Please note: We are a private organisation and not an ITT provider. In line with DfE regulations and the SKE Funding Manual we are unable to draw down funding from the Department for Education. When a student registers with us the ITT provider will enter into a contract with us and as part of this the ITT provider agrees to draw down funding from the DfE. Depending on the option you have chosen an invoice will be raised by us for £1450 (Fully Commissioned) or £590 (Partnership Tutoring).

Please contact Deborah Elwine to discuss any of the above packages:

Information for ITT Providers from the DfE https://www.gov.uk/guidance/subject-knowledge-enhancement-an-introduction

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