Why Teach RE?

No other subject addresses the big questions in life like RE. It goes to the very heart of what it is to be
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human. Furthermore, the issues it covers are in the news on a daily basis, so RE has never been so relevant and beneficial.

As an RE teacher you’ll help young people make sense of the world around them. And you’ll equip them with religious literacy and skills that will last a lifetime.

If you’re an inspiring, imaginative, questioning individual and enjoy a challenge, you’ll enjoy a career teaching RE.

Don’t take our word for it, hear from RE teachers themselves:


Why do you want to train as an RE teacher?

We asked some students who plan to apply to become RE teachers what their motivation was…

“An RE teacher needs to have a firm and diverse understanding of the complexity of the subject matter. Throughout my undergraduate degree, I have endeavoured to explore the most in-depth realms of what it takes to become a successful RE teacher, whilst delving deeper into my life passion. There is a need for more properly qualified teachers who have studied religions in depth. They can teach about religions with more accuracy, inspiring students to take their own studies further. My heart has been set on teaching from a young age as I have the understanding of how important religious education is to the younger generation. This vision motivates me to help set the foundations for life in secondary pupils.”



“I want to show that RE is a subject that should be appreciated more and help students tackle the ‘big ethical questions’ in life.”



“To be a part of, and teach a subject that intersects, whether visibly or not, with every aspect of human life, both academically and socially.”



“RE is much more than teaching students about religion, RE teaches students how to understand their peers and community.”