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Teach:RE Primary – An Introduction

This course is designed for Primary Beginner Teachers, NQTs and HLTAs

It has helped me to understand the most effective way to teach elements of RE and where to find additional information on religions to support teaching.

I would say that my subject knowledge has improved and has done so in a range of areas. I also have a greater understanding of how to teach RE effectively.


Who is this course for?

This short self-study course is for those currently undertaking primary initial teaching training or for those in their NQT year or working as an HLTA in a primary school or academy. The course helps those entering the teaching profession to understand the purpose of RE and how to teach it effectively.


The course comprises:

  • Activity One: Why is RE on the timetable?
  • Activity Two: What does good teaching and learning look like in RE?
  • Activity Three: How do I develop my subject knowledge?
  • Self- assessment
  • Optional: Your self-study is signed off by your RE Coordinator or mentor, and counter signed by your headteacher/ITE Tutor. Send your completed form to trec@cstg.org.uk to receive a certificate. A word version of the form can be downloaded here

You can download a copy of the course handbook here. When you register you will receive a password to access the rest of the course here.


Course length

You can take as long as you like to complete the course as it is self-directed study. The course is designed to take 12 hours. We recommend you complete the activities over one to three months. When you have completed this introductory course you may wish to consider the Teach:RE Tailor Made course.



The course is free. We just ask that you register here, and you will be sent an email with the password to access the course materials here

If you have any questions please email trec@cstg.org.uk