Teach:RE Tutored Modules

Flexible distance-learning modules for all teachers of religion and worldviews (often known as ‘RE’ or ‘religious education’). Tailored to individual needs, offering expert support and a personal tutor. Complete as many or as few modules as you wish.

Modules available

1. Why Teach RE?

Learn how an extension of the Sunday School movement developed to become the subject we know today, encompassing multiple religious and non-religious worldviews, philosophy and ethics. In this module you will explore the changing aims of the subject over time before presenting your own vision for the subject. More information

2. Developing Subject Knowledge

Conduct an in-depth study into one worldview of your choosing. Create a useful overview of the worldview for your future use. Focus on one critical area for deeper analysis. More information

3. Comparing Religions and Worldviews

How do you lead an audience to explore a philosophical question? How do you guide them to understand the scope of the question as well as get inside different responses from religions and worldviews? This module provides an opportunity to practice these multidimensional skills. More information

4. Planning Using New Subject Knowledge

Planning is at the heart of a teacher’s working life. Translating ideas and information into material and activities for a specific age group and array of talents is the basis of classroom magic. In this module you will both develop your subject knowledge and put it to the test with practical classroom plans. More information

5. Improving Subject Knowledge Through Fieldwork

Teachers of religion and worldviews have an amazing resource, possibly a unique resource. The worldviews we teach are lived by real people and communities all over the world, in a dazzling variety of ways. This module considers how the rich and textured learning potential to be gained from direct engagement with lived religion and worldview. More information

6. Curriculum Design

What is a curriculum for in education generally? How can this thinking support a forward-thinking religion and worldviews curriculum? These are questions you will engage with in this. More information

7. Primary Leadership

What is effective subject leadership in the Primary phase? What does it look like in RE, or religion and worldviews? This module introduces you to ideas about leadership in RE through the RE Quality Mark (REQM) as well current educational thinking. More information

8. Improving Professional Practice Through Engagement with Research

What is research? How can it help teachers develop and improve their practice?

Research is often mentioned as something teachers should know about and engage in, but access to research is not straightforward for a busy practitioner. This module offers a supportive introduction to research about RE and allows you to explore the application of chosen research questions to your classroom. More information

9. RE Policy and Political Dimensions

RE’s history since 1944 is a history of evolving aims. The subject, originally Religious Instruction, has shifted and developed with social and political changes over time. The aims of the subject in 1944 are no longer the same aims. In our current phase is the move towards ‘religion and worldviews education’. At each phase who decides the new shape, where are these conversations had, and how does this thinking make its way to the classroom? This is the political dimension. More information

10. RE and Community Relations

This module will be released in Autumn 2020.

If you are not sure which module to choose, you may wish to use this downloadable audit to help you identify areas for professional development.

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Module Length

The modules vary in length from about 20-25 hours. You will agree with your tutor how long you will take to undertake a module, up to a maximum of 6 months. For example, if you spend 2 hours a week on your module, it would probably take between 10-12 weeks.


The cost of one module is £85. Culham St Gabriel’s Trust is a charity and the modules are run as not for profit. This fee covers the costs of tutoring and some administration. The Trust covers the costs of the management and development of the Teach:RE programme. When registering there is an option for your school to be invoiced.

The value of having a tutor

You will be allocated a professional tutor who has direct experience of teaching religion and worldviews and/or is an experienced academic in this field. Your tutor will:

  • Coach you through your module, answering email queries about subject knowledge or other aspects of your study
  • Hold equivalent of one hour of tutorial time with you (e.g. 3 x 20mins, 4 x 15 mins)to discuss your progress either by phone or a virtual platform of your choice during the course of your study
  • Review at least one draft piece of work, providing feedback and suggestions
  • Assess your final piece of work (or collection of tasks) providing next steps and suggestions for further development
  • You will be awarded a certificate on completion of your module

Your tutor will help you keep on track, providing motivational support and encouragement.

The impact and difference studying a module can have on your practice

I would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone wanting to increase their subject knowledge or confidence in RE. The support you get from Culham St Gabriel’s and from the tutor you are linked to is excellent and I can assure you that the benefits will be immeasurable! – Rhiannon Love, Route Leader Secondary RE PGCE and Senior Lecturer for Primary RE and Philosophy for Children at University of Winchester

The following benefits of completing a module are cited by participants:

  • The opportunity to talk to someone else about subject knowledge and expertise
  • Increased confidence to teach the subject, and particularly to handle complex questions from pupils
  • Engaging with research for the first time since university, and inspiring them to consider a Masters in the future


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