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Which course is right for me?


We offer four different courses:

DfE Funded Subject Knowledge Enhancement 200 hours – for those who have been allocated a conditional place on an ITT course. Your ITT provider will have informed you that they partner with us and that we will provide this programme for you.
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Teach:RE Subject Knowledge Enhancement 60 hours– for those about to embark on secondary initial teacher training or who are considering becoming a RE teacher. This is designed for those who are not in receipt of the 200-hour funding and/or wish to ‘top up’ their subject knowledge prior to applying for ITT.
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Teach:RE Tailor Made – for serving teachers (with QTS) working in all phases. This course is for primary and secondary teachers working in all phases of education. It can be tailored to subject leaders who want to work towards RE Quality Mark or can support a teacher who has another specialism and is required to teach GCSE Religious Studies. If you are an experienced subject leader you may want to consider modules relating to research and political engagement.
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Teach:RE Primary CORE – for those undertaking primary initial teacher training and primary NQTs. This course is for those currently undertaking primary initial teaching training or for those in their NQT year in a primary school or academy. It is also suitable for HLTAs teaching RE in the Primary phase. The course helps those working in the primary teaching profession to understand the purpose of RE and how to teach it effectively.
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These courses aim to support all those who currently teach RE in primary and secondary schools, and those who are planning to enter Initial Teacher Training.

The courses aims to develop an understanding of RE in schools including its rationale and pedagogical approaches, as well as supporting subject knowledge development.

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Who are the courses for?

People who want to teach RE: If you are planning to apply for Initial Teacher Training, many providers require you to undertake some subject knowledge enhancement training. Some trainees choose to do a course before they apply for a place to show that they are committed to teaching RE.  Others choose to do one after they have been offered a place to help them prepare for the course. Some universities require trainees to complete one of our courses or an equivalent as a condition of entry.

The Teach RE Courses are distance learning based and tailored to your individual needs. One-to-one support is provided by a tutor and a certificate of completion is provided, which you can use to support a PGCE or School Direct application if appropriate.

People who are already teaching RE: If you are already teaching RE, but would like to develop your understanding of the subject further or perhaps refresh your thinking, the Teach RE Courses are for you. Maybe your Academy RE policy or local Agreed Syllabus requires you to teach about religions and worldviews that you are less familiar with or feel less confident about. Perhaps you are considering a Master’s degree and would like to ease your way back into self-study and research. Or perhaps you would like to explore new ways of applying subject knowledge about world religions and beliefs to classroom practice. You may be a new co-coordinator for RE in a primary school and want to find out more about how to lead the subject. Whatever your professional learning requirements, the Teach RE Courses are tailored to your individual needs. They are suitable for primary and secondary colleagues, and are run as a distance learning programme. Support is provided by a tutor and a certificate of completion is provided which you can use as part of your CPD portfolio.

People who have to teach RE: If you have to teach RE it is important that you are supported in providing high quality learning experiences for children. The Teach RE Courses have been designed to give a confident understanding of the purpose of RE as well as improving knowledge of the content for all teachers of RE whether TAs, HLTAs or teachers with other specialisms. The courses can be taken at different levels, and modules can be tailored to individual needs. For example, you may want to create a scheme of learning to use with your children or young people in school, or a Powerpoint/Prezi to explain the key beliefs about a world view to use with young people.

The TeachRE Courses support the DfE Teacher Standards. Download this document http://www.teachre.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/DFE-Standards-and-TeachRE-course-Final.pdf which identifies ways in which completing one of our courses can support the DfE Standards and could be used to support a CPD application in your school or a PGCE application.

Teach RE Courses Introduction Presentation

We have produced three presentations that teachers or advisers can use to describe the course to colleagues. Download them here:

**Updated presentations coming soon**

Teach RE Courses for ITT

Teach RE Courses for Primary Teachers of RE

Teach RE Courses for Secondary Teachers of RE