Teach RE Course


If you are already teaching RE, but would like to develop your understanding of the subject further or perhaps refresh your thinking, the Teach RE Course is for you.

Maybe your local Agreed Syllabus requires you to teach about religions and worldviews that you are less familiar with or feel less confident about. Perhaps you are considering a Master’s degree and would like to ease your way back into self-study and research. Or perhaps you would like to explore new ways of applying subject knowledge about world religions and beliefs to classroom practice. You may be a new co-coordinator for RE in a primary school and want to find out more about the subject.

I would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone wanting to increase their subject knowledge or confidence in RE.  The support you get from Culhan St Gabriel’s and from the tutor you are linked to is excellent and I can assure you that the benefits will be immeasurable! – Rhiannon Love, Senior Lecturer in Teacher Development, responsible for Primary RE and Philosophy for Children (P4C) on the BEd/MEd and PG programmes at Winchester University.

Whatever your professional learning requirements, the Teach RE Course is tailored to your individual needs. It is suitable for primary and secondary colleagues, and is run as a distance learning programme. Support is provided by a tutor and a certificate of completion is provided which you can use as part of your CPD portfolio.

For detailed information about the course please click here.

The TeachRE Course has enabled some teachers to create schemes of learning ( Module 5) that have not only supported their own subject knowledge development, but are now benefiting others too. The work they created for the course is now available online here for others to use:

What do Sikhs believe about the nature of God? Key Stage 2 Unit by Gemma Kingston http://reonlineorg.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Banq-Sik-Nature-of-God.pdf

What do Buddhists value most? Key Stage 1/Lower Key Stage 2 Unity by Lorraine Haran http://reonlineorg.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Banq-Bud-Values.pdf

What is ‘the problem of evil’ and for whom is it a problem? A Level Unit by Adrian Skilbeck http://reonlineorg.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/001-AS-Problem-of-evil.pdf