Initial Teacher Training Providers

We partner with a number of Higher Education Institutions and School Direct/SCITT providers to:

  • promote religious education teaching as an exciting and rewarding career through the Beyond the Ordinary campaign
  • support preparation for secondary teacher training through the TeachRE courses
  • support primary teacher training and newly qualified teachers through our TeachRE Primary CORE course


Promoting RE teaching

In 2015-16, there has been a significant increase in the number of people applying to teach RE. It’s a fantastic achievement and is a result of the Beyond the Ordinary campaign. The Teach RE website hosts the information of potential recruits about the campaign.

As a provider of initial teacher training, we have created a powerpoint presentation that you may want to use as part of your own recruitment campaign. You can download this here.

We have also created a Beyond the Ordinary flyer, which can be downloaded here or contact if you would like to receive hard copies of this resource.


Preparing students for secondary initial teacher training

In 2015-16, we have partnered with over 20 higher education providers, six school direct/SCITT programmes, the Troops for Teachers Scheme and Teach First to help potential RE teachers prepare for initial teacher training. Our TeachRE Subject Knowledge Course prepares students by providing opportunities to develop subject knowledge expertise, as well as guiding them to places where they can find appropriate resources and support. As a provider of ITT we can offer you ‘bulk’ buy/reduced rate options for the course to help you in your recruitment efforts.

Individual Price: £150 per student
Bulk Buy Price for 5 or more places bought together by a provider: £125 per student

Please contact for more information about this.

‘A guided study of key areas of religions which I am not overly familiar with has enabled me to look at these religions with a specific focus. Through engaging with targeted questions and the wider context of the religions my breadth of knowledge has been enhanced. Highlighting of useful online resources will help me to develop other key areas of religions that I will be asked to teach during my Teach First placement’ ( Teach First Trainee, 2016)

‘Although it was a fast track course I feel like I have learnt so much within the short time span with the religions covered. With the feedback it’ has allowed me to look at different areas I missed. It has shown me what areas I need to improve and work on’. (SCITT Trainee 2015)

“When I started this course I had very little knowledge about any of the world religions. Having completed this course I feel much more confident in my own subject knowledge and feel I would be able to teach a class of children with the information I now have.” (PGCE Trainee 2016)


Supporting the teaching of RE in primary schools

The Teach RE Primary CORE course is designed to support those entering primary phase teaching. Four short tasks help those undertaking initial teacher training or who are in their NQT year to explore the purpose of RE, where to find resources and how to teach RE effectively in the primary phase. The course costs £90. However, if an ITT provider or organisation buys the course in bulk for its students/NQTs we can offer the following packages:

Individual Price £90
Bulk Buy 5-10 Places £80 per place
Bulk Buy Over 10 places £70 per place