Teach:RE Course

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If you have to teach RE it is important that you are supported in providing high quality learning experiences for children.

The Teach:RE Tailor Made course has been designed to support all teachers of RE, whether TAs, HLTAs or teachers with other specialisms. The course can be taken at different levels, and modules can be tailored to individual needs. For example, you may want to create a scheme of learning to use with your children or young people in school, or a Powerpoint/Prezi to explain the key beliefs about a world view to use with young people.

Some examples of the work undertaken by trainees: 

An article for Year 10 pupils about the value of RE by Liz Ward

An article about the value of RE as a curriculum subject by Rosie Wellingham

An analysis of good learning in RE by Sarah Vincent

A comparison of different pedagogical approaches by Corrine Guntrip

Why should your child study RE by Anna Cerval-Pena

For more information about the course please visit the Teach:RE Tailor Made course page.