What People Say About the TREC

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We’ve had a lot of people take the TREC Course over the last few years.  Here’s what some of them have to say about it.


Kate Short, a teaching assistant and teacher of RE, recently completed our new Primary CORE Course. This is what she says about the benefits of undertaking the course

I found the most interesting part to be enhancing my knowledge of religions. I enjoyed reading and watching videos about different beliefs and practice. It has made me think much more about why and how I teach RE. It has also allowed me to develop more knowledge about religions and directed me to places where further information can be found. It will help when planning and resourcing lessons. It will also help when I am delivering lessons as it has made me think about how the lesson is delivered and from what perspective.


Corrine Guntrip – All Saints Teaching School Alliance Specialist Leader in Education (SLE) for RE

I am currently studying on the Teach RE course and I am thoroughly enjoying every aspect of it.
I began the course having worked in the field of Primary RE for a number of years, both as a teacher and a hub leader for the Learn Teach Lead RE South West project, with a desire to deepen my knowledge of religions and worldviews and to extend my practice in order to disseminate knowledge through networking.

The course has been invaluable in many different ways. It has enabled me to ‘take a step back’ and consider the way in which I conduct research and how this then feeds into my own practice. It has given me an increased confidence when supporting other teachers as I know that I am consistently keeping my subject knowledge and pedagogical approaches refreshed.

I have a greater understanding and broader knowledge of aspects that I have studied within the course and I have certainly developed my thinking in terms of pedagogy.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who teaches and supports RE. It is a course that is designed to enhance people at any stage of their career and the tutors are extremely supportive.
I am sure that the experience of the Teach RE course will continue to assist me as I progress throughout my career. I am very lucky to be able to work with both pupils and adults in order to provide the opportunities where everyone can explore different beliefs, diversity within the world, ask the bigger questions, explore answers and have the knowledge respectfully live in pluralistic societies. This course has been an integral part of this and will continue to be so.


Catherine Davies – Trainee

The most interesting part was the research element for the chosen religions for both Beliefs, Teachings & Sources & Practices & Ways of Life.  This was a steep learning curve for me, it highlighted my  huge gap of knowledge that I had  for Islam & Buddhism. I thoroughly enjoyed this research, as ‘becoming the student’ myself enabled me to explore these faiths in a detail I have never done before. The majority of my time throughout this course has been devoted to the research aspect; this was a necessity for me to gain the subject knowledge required for the tasks.

I have a greater understanding and appreciation of the aforementioned beliefs. Prior to this course, I had a very broad, basic overview of these faiths with little in-depth knowledge.  When it comes to teaching practice, this course has helped my confidence tremendously in delivering lessons at the 11-16 age group.

This course has broadened my knowledge of other faiths.  As I have been brought up as a Catholic within Catholic education, my Religious Education has been through faith nurture.  My degree in Philosophy did cover Philosophy of Religion but this was not enough to cover the knowledge required to deliver a broad curriculum of RE.  The course has especially enhanced my ability to deliver many ‘compare and contrast’ lessons around different beliefs on different topics.


Henry Hartley – Trainee

I heard last night that I have been have been offered place on the PGCE course, which I am very happy about. I felt confident when going to my interview and I know this course played a large part in that. I’d wholeheartedly recommend this course alongside an extended period of classroom experience as ideal preparation for PGCE.


Jane Jackson – HLTA

I have really enjoyed completing this course (Teach RE Primary Core). The course is well designed with plenty of help and guidance given. Successful completion of the course shows a level of competency in the subject which, although not a teaching qualification, shows prospective employers a level of understanding.