Initial Teacher Training Providers

We partner with a number of Higher Education Institutions and School Direct/SCITT providers to:

  • promote religious education teaching as an exciting and rewarding career through the Beyond the Ordinary campaign
  • support preparation for secondary teacher training through the TeachRE Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course (60 hour and DfE Funded 200-hour)
  • support primary teacher training and newly qualified teachers through our TeachRE Primary CORE course


Promoting RE teaching

As part of our work, we actively promote the teaching RE through the Beyond the Ordinary campaign. The Teach RE website hosts information for potential recruits about the campaign.

We have created a powerpoint presentation that initial teacher training providers may want to use as part of their own recruitment campaign. You can download this here.

We have also created a Beyond the Ordinary flyer, which can be downloaded here or contact if you would like to receive hard copies of this resource.


Preparing students for secondary initial teacher training

DfE Funded 200-hour Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course
This course is specifically for those students who have been granted funding by the Department for Education through their ITT Provider to undertake a SKE course before or during their ITT year beginning in September 2019. Please refer to our ITT provider pages about this course which can be found here.

Teach:RE Subject Knowledge Enhancement 60-hour Course
Our TeachRE Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course 60-hour course prepares students by providing opportunities to develop subject knowledge for up to four religions/worldviews. This course may be recommended by ITT providers to students who do not require a full 200-hour subject knowledge enhancement course. As a provider of ITT we can offer you ‘bulk’ buy/reduced rate options for the course to help you in your recruitment efforts.

Individual Price: £150 per student
Bulk Buy Price for 5 or more places bought together by a provider: £125 per student

Please contact for more information about this.

‘My confidence with teaching RE has improved greatly. What holes that remain in my knowledge of religion, I feel, will more easily be plugged thanks to the resources and advice I have received from Teach:RE. Furthermore, the knowledge I have gained will allow me to focus a little more on lesson formatting and a little less on subject research in my preliminary years as a teacher’. (PGCE Trainee 2018)

‘The course has helped increase my subject knowledge. I am more familiar with concepts in the religions covered in the course. The module on Christianity was very insightful and helpful as I was teaching Christianity in school at the same time, so I was able to research and teach appropriately’. (SCITT Trainee 2017)

‘A guided study of key areas of religions which I am not overly familiar with has enabled me to look at these religions with a specific focus. Through engaging with targeted questions and the wider context of the religions my breadth of knowledge has been enhanced. Highlighting of useful online resources will help me to develop other key areas of religions that I will be asked to teach during my Teach First placement’ ( Teach First Trainee, 2016)


Supporting the teaching of RE in primary schools

The Teach RE Primary CORE course is designed to support those entering primary phase teaching. Four short tasks help those undertaking initial teacher training or who are in their NQT year to explore the purpose of RE, where to find resources and how to teach RE effectively in the primary phase. The course costs £90. However, if an ITT provider or organisation buys the course in bulk for its students/NQTs we can offer the following packages:

Individual Price £90
Bulk Buy 5-10 Places £80 per place
Bulk Buy Over 10 places £70 per place

If you are providing Primary RE Specialism support for a PGCE/SCITT provider and would like to discuss using the course with all your students, please contact