Financial Registration Form and Contractual Agreement

The purpose of this document is to initiate a trainee’s registration for the CSTG/NATRE SKE in Religion and Worldviews, 200 hours.

We ask you to:
1. Complete the form;
2. Read the agreement;
3. Read the certification and data protection policy;
4. Indicate that you agree to the terms in the contract;

1-19 Financial Registration Form Full Commissioning 2021



This is a written agreement between you (as stated in University Name or SCITT Training Provider) and Culham St Gabriel’s Trust (CSTG) in relation to the above-named trainee.

As the Commissioning Organisation, you, (ITT Provider) agree to:
1. Take responsibility for confirming that the trainee has accepted the conditional offer to begin a RE ITT course with yourselves from September 2021.
2. Take responsibility for confirming that the trainee has been awarded a degree of 2:2 or above (or in the case of a pending degree confirm that it is your responsibility to confirm the award of degree before the trainee begins an ITT course).
3. Take responsibility for drawing down the DfE SKE funds of £1,600 (£200 x 8 weeks) in line with paragraph 38 of the SKE Funding Manual 2020, after submission of this form (1)
4. Pay CSTG the fee of £1450. This is to be paid within 30 days of the receipt of the invoice [2].
5. Retain £150 of the SKE Programme funding in order to cover your administrative costs.
6. Take responsibility for the trainee bursary funding element of the SKE programme as outlined in Paragraph 37 of the SKE Funding Manual (2019).

1 - Please note under paragraph 25 of the DfE Funding Manual 2020 it states that organisations who deliver SKE but are not a lead school or ITT cannot draw down funding. CSTG is such an organisation and can therefore not draw down funding.
2 - Please refer to paragraphs 52-56 of the DfE SKE Funding Manual (2020) in the event a trainee withdraws or fails to start the SKE programme. As per paragraph 55, the DfE will seek to recover a portion of the programme costs based on the amount of SKE completed prior to the trainee withdrawing from the course. In this event, if monies have been paid in full to Culham St Gabriel’s we will refund the money owed to the DfE (depending on the number of weeks completed by the participant) to you so you can return it to the DfE. In the event that monies have not been paid to Culham St Gabriel’s we will invoice for the proportion of the course that the participant has completed. For example, if a participant has completed 2 weeks of the course we would request 2/8 of the fee.

As the third party SKE provider, CSTG, we agree to:
1. Provide an 8 week/200-hour SKE Religion and Worldviews for the above-named trainee as set out in our SKE Trainee handbook.
2. Ensure that all funding is used solely for the delivery of the SKE programme for this trainee.
3. Provide a detailed work record showing the bespoke pathway the trainee takes through the course ensuring transparency and appropriateness of content, length and delivery of the course.
4. Provide the trainee with a certificate of completion and notify the ITT provider that the trainee has completed the course.
5. Undertake quality assurance of all tutors on the SKE Programme to ensure high quality and consistent training for all trainees.
6. Notify the ITT Provider within one week if the named trainee fails to begin or withdraws from the SKE programme.

In addition, CSTG confirm that all necessary taxes are being paid in relation to this SKE Programme. We are not VAT registered.

Certification and Data Protection

Culham St Gabriel's Trust complies with the General Data Protection Regulation. The information you provide in this form is used for the legitimate interest of the ongoing administration and management of the course.

If you have any questions about the way in which we hold and process your personal information, or if you wish to make a complaint, please contact Deborah Elwine, Culham St Gabriel's Trust, Peace House, 19 Paradise Street, Oxford OX1 1LD or email

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