I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher – being a bossy older sister and following in the family footsteps.

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As a pupil, I attended Ysgol Gymraeg Glantaf, in Cardiff and then read RE at Trinity College, Carmarthen. There, my passion for the subject grew so much that I knew I wanted to specialise in teaching it at Secondary Level. I first began teaching in 2000 at a Welsh medium school in Cwmbran, but for the past five years I have taught at Bassaleg School in Newport.

I am very proud of my school and of the very successful department of which I am second in command! What I love most about teaching RE is that each lesson is completely different to the next. Pupils respond in very different ways and come up with wonderfully insightful comments and reactions.

I thoroughly enjoy being able to use a variety of teaching strategies to enthuse and engage pupils in learning. RE enables all pupils to achieve at their own rate, and in their own way as everybody is catered for! From History buffs to logical investigations – the arts/ drama / music and designing your own place of worship – each pupil can thrive in RE when often they are restricted in other areas.

Life is never dull! Currently, in my spare time, I am studying for a masters degree in Management and Leadership. I have been marking GCSE Short course RS exam papers on behalf of the WJEC, and before the end of term, I will be in charge of arranging three Curriculum Enrichment visits – a whole year cohort visit to places of worship in Cardiff in KS3, a GCSE class visit to a Mosque, a Baptist Church and a RC Church and my most exciting visit to Rome next October with 32 pupils in KS4. In addition to this, I usually take pupils to see a production of Joseph, or Jesus Christ Superstar annually; an A Level Ethics Lecture by Dr Peter Vardy at Carmarthen, am heavily involved in arranging motivational and inspirational 6th form RE days and have many local contacts who regularly contribute to lessons and special assemblies.

I believe that to promote RE, it is imperative to get involved in school events, arrange visits and engage with people from the local area as all this helps to raise the awareness of RE and makes pupils realize that RE is definitely relevant, purposeful and exciting. Teaching itself is an ever developing journey, with new ideas, techniques and technology to trial. I never ever get bored with my job and always find myself looking forward to Monday mornings!

If you fancy a career in which you are constantly being challenged, encouraged and exploring new ideas, then this is the job for you.