I have been teaching Religious Education since 1998. Teaching is my second career, and I can honestly say, it is the best career move I have made.

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I left my job in IT to start a family and I decided to do my teacher training when my eldest child started school. I was thrilled to be accepted onto the PGCE course at Warwick University. It was very hard work, but very fulfilling, as I trained with people of all ages and backgrounds. In both my placement schools, I had excellent training and mentoring.

I have been in my current post for 4 years as Head of Department, leading learning and developing new entrants to the profession. My first degree was in Religious Studies at University of Newcastle upon Tyne. I’ve always had an interest in religions even though I’m not a practising member of any faith. Religious Education has an important part to play in helping young people to understand themselves and the world they live in.

One of the things I like to emphasise in RE is the way religions are practised today and their role in the search for meaning and direction in the confusion of daily life. I hope to provide my students with an opportunity to think, to explore and express their personal views. I really enjoy teaching because I’m continually learning from the students and being made to think by their responses.